Finding the Best Dog Bed

Finding the Best Dog Bed

Whether you are looking to buy a large dog bed for your pet, a luxury dog bed or if you are looking to buy the first bed your dog will ever have, there are hundreds of different options for you to choose from.  With the ample amount of patterns and designs for covers and the different manufacturers, finding the best dog bed can be difficult.  The Kong dog bed has proven to be one of the best dog beds available on the market to date.  Kong, a well-known manufacturer of pet toy supplies has created a nearly indestructible bed which would be perfect for dogs that love to chew and rustle around in their sleeping quarters.  If you’re considering to purchase a new dog bed, this guide will inform you about various components including how to wash the bed, what type of breeds are the best for the bed, and many more features. You can buy a dog bed at your local pet supplier but probably more variety you’ll find online. For instance on the well-known Amazon website.

What kind of Dog Bed do you Need?

Before you dive into all the models of dog beds available, it is important to decide what kind of dog bed you need. Of course this depends on the breed of dog you have. If you have a dog which is or will grow up in a large dog, you will need a large dog bed. If you have a dog which is or stays small, then you can do with a smaller dog bed.

Special preferences for the dog bed should be considered as well. For instance the color, shape and whether you would like to have a more basic dog bed in your house or that you would like a more luxury dog bed. When you have decided what kind of dog bed you need, then you can go to the next step in buying a dog bed.

Is the Dog Bed Chew Resistant?Kong Dog Bed Pillow Plaid Purple

Hearing about a pet bed that is completely chew resistant may seem like a myth.  As a pet owner, you are aware of how fragile other brands of pet beds are and you must also be aware of the amount of money that you spend on a new bed every few months.  There are dog beds available which are almost completely chew resistant. These are perfect for puppies and other breeds that enjoy chewing and consistently playing with their beds.  Kong is commonly known for their vast selection of tough but soft chew dog toys that are virtually indestructible, even by the largest dogs, therefore they have implemented this technology into their dog beds.  With that being said, you won’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars a year having to replace your pet’s bed as the Kong dog bed is extremely durable.

What Covers are Available for the Dog Bed?

Dog bed covers are extremely useful for every type of pet bed as they provide you with the opportunity to keep your pet’s bed clean.  You will have the opportunity to remove the cover and machine wash it whenever you please, helping to keep your home cleaner and smelling fresh.  The Kong dog bed offers a variety of different covers that are not only chew resistant but they are also aesthetically pleasing.  You will be able to select from an array of different colors and patterns that best suit your dog’s personality and the interior of your home.  You can find Kong dog bed covers from your local pet store or you can purchase them online.

Kong Dog Bed Pillows

Dog Bed Warranty

As with the majority of warranties on pet products, the Kong dog bed warranty covers a few minor defects to the bed but in the odd chance that your pet completely destroys the bed, it could be difficult getting your money back.  The majority of retailers that sell this particular type of bed will ensure that if you do need to return the bed, the process will be as simple as possible.  The manufacturer’s warranty that is affixed to the Kong dog bed provides that you should return the dog bed to your local pet store or online shop where you purchased the dog bed, together with the purchase receipt, and they will have to make the judgement whether you will get your money back or not.  This can be quite advantageous if you purchased the bed and find that your pet does not like it or if you are not happy with the product. Luckily this rarely happens with the Kong Dog Beds.

The Durability of the Dog Bed

As previously mentioned, the Kong Dog beds are quite chew resistant, therefore you will not notice any major defects to the bed as your dog begins to use it.  With that being said, it is an extremely durable and versatile object that your pet will love to sleep on.  They will be able to move around as much as they wish to get comfortable and you won’t have to worry about them tearing the material of the bed from constant movements.  Also, with the use of covers for the bed, this adds an extra layer of protection that will help to make the bed more durable.  There have been several customers who have allowed their pets to play with the bed and it does not show a lot of wear.  As one of the most durable beds on the market, you will undoubtedly benefit from the purchase of the Kong dog bed.

Dog Bed Washing Instructions

Although the bed is famous for its durability and resistance to chewing, it is still important to ensure that you wash your dog’s bed to ensure that it remains sanitary.  Washing the dog bed is simple and you will find all the steps on the Dog Bed Washing Instructions page.

Customer Reviews

When selecting a dog bed, it is imperative that you conduct an ample amount research to determine whether or not customers were satisfied with the product.  Although manufacturers are truthful about what they had originally designed the product to be, you will want to ensure that it has passed real-life testing.

You will also want to consult customer reviews that pertain to your specific breed of dog.  This will help you to determine whether or not the bed would be the best for your pet.  Although dogs have different personalities and are different from one another, one factor remains the same, if they’re the same breed they will generally have the same habits and be the same size.

Below are some factors that were praised by customers around the world who have had the opportunity to test and use the Kong dog bed.

Durable and Comfortable

The owner of 2 boxers advised that out of 4 previously purchased beds, the Kong dog bed is the only pet bed that her pets have been unable to chew to pieces.  It is firm but comfortable and they enjoy taking the pet bed out of their dog house and lying on it outside on the grass.

Large Enough for Two

Another benefit associated with the Kong dog bed is that it is large enough for two fairly decent sized dogs to lay on.  With that being said, it is more than enough space for one dog to have an ample amount of room to move around and get comfortable on.  If you have more than one pet, purchasing one dog bed will not only help you to save money but it will also provide your pets with the opportunity to have a closer bond with one another.

Simple to Wash

As previously mentioned, the washing process for the Kong dog bed is relatively simple and will take a minimal amount of time and effort.  Having a dog bed that is easy to clean without having to worry about it destroying your washing machine can be quite advantageous for pet owners.  Much like a cushion to a chair or a regular pillow on your bed, all that you will have to do to wash your Kong dog bed is separate the liner and the cover, wash them, and reassemble them once they have been dried.



Finding the perfect dog bed for your family pet can be difficult as the majority of dogs are either extremely strong chewers or they simply enjoy playing with everything in the house.  With the use of the Kong dog bed, pet owners are able to make a one-time purchase that will last them for an extremely long time.  With the combination of stuffing and woodchips, this extremely durable bed has proven to be quite beneficial for many owners.  Also, you will be provided with the opportunity to replace the outside cover if you find that you prefer a different color or design to accommodate your pet.  Click further if you’re interested in why your dog deserves a luxury dog bed because it can make a huge difference in the pleasure, joy and activeness of your dog!  As mentioned before, you can buy the Kong pet beds at your local pet supplier but most likely you’ll find more variety online. A huge variety in dog beds and toys is available on the Amazon website.